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Oct 18, 2017

Email Whisperer: Helping the World Communicate

Flat cartoon of email icons entering a mailbox
English is one of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet, with hundreds of millions of native speakers and hundreds of millions more who speak it as a second language. From England’s history of colonization to the United States’ enduring position on the world stage, the language has had an opportunity to spread far and wide, in many cases becoming a sort of unofficial language of business, providing a common crossroads for people of many different backgrounds. 

English is also, at times, clunky, cumbersome, and difficult to master. Though it may now be spoken all across the globe, English has, throughout its history, adopted vocabulary and grammatical rules from multiple other languages, and the rules governing those borrowed words can at times appear contradictory to common English practice. This can lead to frequent misspellings and grammatical errors which, though seemingly sensible to the untrained eye, can appear comical or even unprofessional to a native speaker. 

So what do you do when you need to send an important email in English, yet you’re unsure of your skills as a writer? Well, you can always just hit “send” and hope for the best, but then you run the risk of failing to communicate your intended point or, worse yet, saying something you didn’t ever mean to say in the first place. 

This is where Email Whisperer comes in. Rather than take an ill-advised risk and submitting a potentially disastrous message, you can turn to a professional who will help you break down the language barrier and deliver the email you really intended to send from the get-go. 

With the help of a live editing specialist from Email Whisperer, anyone can submit their emails and have them corrected for spelling, grammar, punctuation, tone, and emotion, ensuring a finished product that is intelligible, consistent, and professional. Emails that would otherwise appear scrambled and stray from the sender’s original intent can now be corrected and perfected, allowing everyone from ESL learners to native English speakers to communicate clearly and concisely. 

To top it all off, all information shared between the user and the Email Whisperer editor is anonymous, secure, and confidential. The sender does not know the identity of the editor, the editor does not know the identity of the sender, and all communication between the two is performed using a temporary session ID rather than a username or an actual name, making the user’s identity all the more difficult to trace. 

While the specialist is making corrections to the email, the user will be able to see the editing process take place in real time, and the two can communicate through a dialogue box on the side of the screen, allowing each person to ask the other questions and make sure the finished product stays true to the user’s original vision.