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Nov 01, 2017

How to Get People to Actually Open Your Emails

Business Woman Tapping Email Icon
Let’s face it, no matter how important what you have to say may be the fact is that you’re in constant competition for your audience’s attention. Whether it be social media and phone apps or emails from other companies, it can be tough to get your target audience’s focus long enough for them to even open an email, let alone read it all the way through. 

So just how does one get a foot in the door when there are so many others vying to break through? 

1) Don’t Sound Like Spam
Email is a popular method of communication, but at this point it isn’t particularly new technology and people have gotten used to keeping an eye out for spam and phishing scams. 

Spam emails regularly offer free prizes or heavily discounted sale items as a way to lure people in, so avoid words like “deal, free, urgent” or “win.” Phrases such as “open immediately” or “time’s running out” are also phishing favorites that will turn your recipients off from your emails and could trap your messages in the dreaded spam filter. 

2) Have an Exciting Subject Line 
You don’t want to sound like spam, but you do want to make your subject line pop. Put your best foot forward and lead with the most interesting topic from within your email. 

3) Don’t Overdo It 
If you’re sending out mass email blasts, you want to be careful about how regularly you contact your subscribers. Doing so any more frequently than once or twice a week runs the risk of annoying potential patrons who feel their inboxes are cluttered enough without a deluge of emails from one single sender. 

4) Send It at the Right Time 
If you know when your audience is most liable to check for new emails then send your message around that time–it’ll give you a better chance to appear at the top of their inbox which in turn makes your email less likely to get glossed over. 

Similarly, you don’t want to send an email when it’s all but guaranteed to be overlooked. Know what time zone your recipients are in and avoid late night or early morning communications. The last thing you or they want is an annoying notification going off on their smartphones in the middle of the night.

5) Use the Person’s Name 
If you’re emailing someone you don’t communicate with regularly, or sending a mass email through a marketing tool that allows you to personalize subjects and messages, use your contact’s name. This helps build rapport and differentiates you from spammers who have no relationship with your audience. 

6) Include Multiple Topics 
Short and sweet is generally a best practice when it comes to subject lines, but if that hasn’t been working for you then try briefly describing two different subjects contained within your email–this will effectively double the odds of either subject catching the reader’s attention. 

It doesn’t matter how interesting or important your emails are if nobody opens them. An effective subject line is every bit as important as quality content to drive up open rates and encourage reader engagement. Remember, you want to be interesting and engaging without sounding phishy.