Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1) Customer or user (“user”) is solely responsible for the content in Dialogue Box A (“DBA”)

2) Email Wisperer (“E-Whisp”) is responsible for the content (“work product”) in Dialogue Box B

3) E-Whisp is not responsible for the use or the distribution of the work product beyond delivery to the user email inbox.

4) The site charges the user based on time spent by the Email Whisperer Specialist (“EWS”) editing the content in DBA. The work includes:

     a. Reading the email

     b. Rewording/ creating a new email

     c. All revisions requested by the user

     d. The entire revision process to be explained under “revision process” below

5) Charges begin to incur on the site once the EWS receives and /or opens the content in DBA in either written or audio format

6) The site stops charging once the EWS releases the work product to the user either through an email in the case of a delayed session or when the user presses the “accept and purchase” button in the event of a live session. 

7) There are no reoccurring or setup chargers

8) The site offers a certificate stamp. The stamp is intended to do the following:

     a. Certify that the email was edited by the E-Whisp workforce

     b. Demonstrate to the final recipient that the user/sender gave careful consideration regarding the content of the email

     c. Includes an EWS ID # to identify the original email

9) E-Whisp is not liable for the use of the use of the stamp by the user on any other body of work outside the email originally delivered

10) E-Whisp and the EWS reserve the right to discontinue service when the use of the site by the use is deemed inappropriate by the EWS or E-Whisp in its sole discretion. Uses deemed inappropriate include but are not limited to:

     a. Any pornographic material

     b. Any solicitation of prostitution or human trafficking of any kind

     c. Any racial or gender intolerant language ( we reserve the right to edit this out of the work product if found and still deliver the product)

     d. Any bullying or material of a terrorist nature found in the work product.

11) E-Whisp charges the user $3 per email or 3 minutes of editing time. Thereafter the user is charged $1.25 per minute throughout the remainder of the editing process. A clock will be provided throughout the process

12) If the use stops the charge clock for any reason or if cancelled by the EWS for reasons described above the appropriate fee will be
      charge for the time used and the unfinished work product will be delivered back to the user. 

13) The time on the charge clock will be rounded up to the nearest 30 seconds

14) The revision process is as follows

     a. During a live session, the user will have the option of one revision from an EWS.

     c. If after the 2nd session the user is still not satisfied they are told that “we can not help you and management will review the matter.” The user will exit and pay full price.

    d. An email from the bin will go through the same process.

    e. During a live editing session the user can either copy the finished product from DBB or have the product emailed to them directly.


There is no additional charge for the certification of an email other than the time require to review and edit the email by another staff member or management

The basic level of certification is included complementary with every email we proofread. We encourage you to include this certification in your email and send it along to the recipient to demonstrate your care for this message.

We have two higher levels of certification. The second level demonstrates that the email was review twice by our staff. While all our emails receive special attention by a specialist, these receive an added level of review. 

The third level of certification, known as the CEO level is for emails that have been reviewed by upper management. The additional time and care required to craft and review these messages will be well received by your most important recipients

 Refund policy

This company employs live specialists that are paid for the time they review and craft hour emails. They are hand-picked for their tangent, level of education as it relates to English language arts and work experience in editing, writing and teacher English literature. They all have the ability to quickly understand the needs of the client and discern the best way to provide the service.

Because the service is complete at the time of delivery and the time is spent, this website does not grant refunds. 

We have ways of communicating with the EWS through the website and a system to revise the email if you are not happy with the first result.

The specialist puts time and effort into their product we deliver and deserves to be paid for that service. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

About us

This site is staffed by specialists with a minimum college level qualification in the use of the English language specializing in areas including Education, English Literature, Editing, Journalism and English Composition.

Many articles and books have been publish on the subject of email communication. Some of those links are posted on this page. Our specialists take the suggestions in these articles to the next level resulting in a superior product. Their work may not produce the email you expect, but it will produce the very best material we can provide for your needs.

Our specialist identities are kept anonymous to avoid any influence on their talent beyond the interaction within this website. Likewise your identity is protected from the specialist for the same reason. We feel any deviation from this format would result in a lessor product.